Krzysztof T. Piotrowski, PhD

Piotrowski KrzysztofPsychologist. He works at the Jagiellonian University Teacher Training Center. At the Academy of Music, he teaches psychology for pre-service teachers. He deals with the experimental study of creativity and cognitive processes. He constantly cooperates with the Creative Education Center “Kangur” in Krakow and the Małopolska Non-Public Teacher Training Center. He is the author of numerous publications on memory, attention and supporting creative abilities. He is also a co-editor of the books “New theories of creativity, new methods of assistance in creation” and “Working memory”. He created a dozen original techniques to support creative thinking (among others, odlinguistic techniques). For more than twenty years he has been training creative thinking and problem solving. Co-founder and long-time member of the celtic dance group Comhlan.