mgr Paulina Karp

Paulina Karp graduated with honors from the Composition, Interpretation and Musical Education Faculty of the Academy of Music in Krakow. Since 2017, she has been employed as an assistant at the Music and Education Research Department of the same university, and conducts teaching practice in the subject of Early School Music Education. She is also a graduate of The Pedagogical University of Cracow (Faculty of Education).
The main areas of her scientific activity are focused on the musical development of children at a younger school age and the musical competences of the early childhood education teachers. By conducting music classes for the students of the first three year cycle of primary school she is constantly developing her experience in this field.
Since 2014, she has been the music director and arranger for the Dobczyce Song and Dance Ensemble which promotes folk and national culture. As an accordionist, she gives concerts both in the country and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Bosnia).