prof. dr hab. Teresa Malecka – HEAD

Prof. dr hab. Teresa Malecka – music theorist, head of the Documentation Center of Krakow Composers Output;  editorial head of “Teoria muzyki. Studia, interpretacje, dokumentacje”. In the years 1992 – 1999 – vice-rector for students and  in 2002 – 2008 – vice-rector for science and didactic of Academy of Music in Kraków, initiator and organizer of many international and Polish musicological conferences, as well as scientific editor of the books.
She has done research on Russian music (Rimski-Korsakov, Mussorgski) on contemporary Polish music (Penderecki, Górecki, Bujarski), on the word–sound relationship and that between the arts in a semiotic perspective. The author of books: Słowo, obraz i dźwięk w twórczości Modesta Musorgskiego (1996) and  Zbigniew Bujarski. Twórczość i osobowość (2006), and  about 100 scientific articles; she took part in the international congresses and symposia (West and East Europe, USA, Poland). T. Malecka is the member of Polish Composer Union, Societe Internationale d’Histoire Comparee du Theatre, de l’Opera et du Ballet, the head of Artistic Board of Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, in the years 2010- 2018 the member of  the Board of National Center of Science in Poland.