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Faculty of Voice and Drama

Since its inception, the Department of Voice has been conducting scientific and artistic activities relating to the education of vocalists, preparing them for artistic careers in opera theatres and philharmonics in Poland and abroad. Andrzej Hiolski, an outstanding Polish singer, became the first head of the Department. In the subsequent years, that office was successively held by: Professor Krzysztof Missona, Professor Helena Łazarska, Professor Wojciech Jan Śmietana, Professor Ryszard Karczykowski, Professor Agnieszka Monasterska, PhD, Professor Adam Korzeniowski, PhD, and currently – by The Reverend Professor Zdzisław Madej. Following its guiding principles, the Department organizes the artistic activity and scientific work of its members at the Academy and also supervises the process of education and artistic development of Voice Studies students. Its graduates successfully perform on the stages of Polish and foreign opera and music theatres, in philharmonic halls and even on the stages of drama theatres.

For many years, the Department of Voice has been carrying out artistic projects that regularly feature dramatic and musical performances prepared by pedagogues and students. The results achieved as well as distinctions and prizes received by students at national and international vocal competitions testify to the fulfilment of the Department’s objectives. In 1985, Professor Helena Łazarska, as Head of the Department of Voice in Krakow, initiated the Ada Sari International Vocal Competition in Nowy Sącz. She also served as its artistic director for years. Today, it is one of the most prestigious vocal competitions in Europe. For many years, the Department of Voice has been cooperating with the Krakow Opera, which has resulted in many wonderful performances with the participation of students. They included, among others, the following opera works: Carmen by G. Bizet, Freischütz by C. M. von Weber, The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart, The Conspirators by F. Schubert, Orfeo ed Euridice by Ch. W. Gluck, The Marriage of Figaro by W. A. Mozart and opera galas during the carnival. Numerous master classes have been held in the past 20 years. The artists who have been invited to give them include Leopold Spitzer, Helena Łazarska, Teresa Żylis-Gara, Paul Esswood, Mariusz Kwiecień, Piotr Beczała, Michał Znaniecki, Ewa Podleś, Rannweig Braga- Postl, Teru Yoshihara, Ryszard Karczykowski. Pursuing the goal of broadening the performance competences of students and graduates of the Faculty of Voice and Drama, the Department of Voice also engages in artistic cooperation with many renowned cultural institutions in Małopolska and other regions, including, among others, Capella Cracoviensis. That artistic collaboration allows the Department to be open to a multifaceted interpretation of early music in the course of joint projects carried out with outstanding artists. Voice studies provide young art students with development opportunities on many levels. The strongest emphasis is placed on developing the vocal technique and artistic personality. The curriculum is designed to examine all epochs and styles during a five-year course of study. At the same time, students attend classes that teach the basics of acting with respect to verse, prose, recitation and stage movement. Throughout the entire course of study, there is also a strong focus on group activities – vocal ensembles – which enable the students to work on a cappella music and oratorio and song music, as well as on opera ensembles aimed at staging operas in their entirety or in fragments, in full stage form. Great importance is also attached to performance practice. Students participate in many concerts and broadcasts organised by the Academy. Every year, world-renowned vocalists are invited to give master classes and scientific seminars. The pedagogues place great emphasis on shaping the musical abilities and preferences of each student individually and prepare the future graduates for independent artistic work as soloists.

Deans of the Faculty of Voice and Drama

Professor Stanisława Hoffmanowa
Professor Helena Szubert-Słysz (7 terms)
Assistant Professor Izabella Jasińska-Buszewicz
Professor Andrzej Buszewicz
Assistant Professor (second level) Maria Rydzewska, Professor of AM
Professor Adam Korzeniowski, PhD (habil.)
Professor Agnieszka Monasterska, PhD
currently – Professor Jacek Ozimkowski, PhD (habil.)

Vocal teachers associated with the Department of Voice since its inception:

Włodzimierz Kaczmar
Anna Kaczmar
Bronisław Romaniszyn
Zofia Stachurska
Stanisława Argasińska
Barbara Walczyńska
Professor Helena Łazarska
Professor Henryka Januszewska,
Barbara Niewiadomska
Professor Wojciech Jan Śmietana,
Daniel Kaleta
Franciszek Delekta
Professor Adam Szybowski
Christian Elssner
Zdzisława Donat
Bogusław Szynalski
Semen Szkurhan
Zofia Kilanowicz
Professor Monika Swarowska-Walawska, PhD