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EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING award was founded in 1995 by Prof. Ray E. and Ruth A. Robinson from the USA.

The award is an act of recognition for academic teachers of the Music Academy in Kraków for outstanding pedagogical and artistic achievements as well as involvement in the School’s affairs. It is awarded for lifetime achievement, with particular emphasis on the activity in the academic year when it is granted.

“…Our aim in founding the Excellence in Teaching award is to encourage the teachers to persevere in search of perfection in every phase of their life, in the sphere of teaching, performing as well as in the sphere of active participation in the life of the Academy. We wish to honour, distinguish and award those who in the opinion of their colleagues in a measurable way prove their perfection…”

(A fragment of Prof. Ray E. Robinson’s speech at the inauguration of the academic year 1999/2000)

The recipients of the EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING award:

1996 – prof. Barbara Świątek-Żelazna
1997 – prof. Marek Stachowski
1998 – prof. Kaja Danczowska
1999 – prof. Zbigniew Bujarski
2000 – prof. Elżbieta Stefańska-Kłyś
2001 – prof. Witold Herman
2002 – prof. Andrzej Godek
2003 – prof. Regina Chłopicka
2004 – prof. Wiesław Kwaśny
2005 – prof. Stanisław Krawczyński
2006 – prof. Teresa Malecka
2007 – prof. Andrzej Pikul
2008 – ad. Maria Rydzewska, profesor AM w Krakowie
2009 – prof. Józef Serafin
2010 – prof. Leszek Polony
2011 – ad. Stefan Wojtas, prof. AM w Krakowie
2012 – dr Małgorzata Janicka-Słysz
2013 – prof. Jerzy Kotyczka
2014 – prof. Jan Pilch
2015 – dr hab. Zdzisław Stolarczyk
2016 – prof. Mirosława Semeniuk-Podraza
2017 – prof. dr hab. Anna Zawadzka-Gołosz
2018 – dr Janusz Pater