prof. dr hab. Tomasz Sobaniec – HEAD

Sobaniec Tomasz

Prof. DMA Tomasz Sobaniec
born in 1969, Wadowice (Poland). Graduated with honours from secondary School of Music in Bielsko-Biała, in percussion class of L. Sojka. In 1994 received a diploma of Music Academy in Cracow in class of DMA S.Welanyk. His diploma recital included “Concertino for Marimba and Orchestra” by Paul Creston and was performed with Cracow Philharmonics (first performance in Cracow, Poland).
Tomasz participated in many contemporary music festivals as a chamber musician.  In 1990-2000 he collaborated with Cracow Percussion Group (Krakowska Grupa Perkusyjna) taking part in contemporary music events such as: Cracow – Cracow Composers Days  (Dni Kompozytorów Krakowskich),  Opole – Percussion Music Days (Dni Muzyki Perkusyjnej), Poznań – International Festival of Contemporary Music Poznan Music Spring (Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna), Warszawa International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn  (Warszawska Jesień), Bratislava – Festiwal „Melos-Etos”, Prague – New Music Marathon, Berlin –  Inventionen.
As a member of „Overtime” jazz band was awarded with  II prize at  Jazz  Juniors Festival in  Cracow (1990). Tomasz took part in International Percussion Courses in Bydgoszcz (1989, 1991) and studied with outstanding percussion artists e.g.: J. Beck, S. Schick, A. Otte, N.J. Živković, J. M. Collet, K. Szymanowski and J. Pomianowski. For many year he also cooperated with contemporary music ensemble MW2.
Since 1992 he has been a member of  Capella Cracoviensis – chamber music orchestra, and what is more, Tomasz is also a cofounder and artist at Barock Tune and Alta Cappella – early music ensembles playing historical wind and percussion instruments. Other ensembles  he cooperates with are: Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra, Arte  Dei Suonatori, {oh!} Historical Orchestra, La Tempesta, Estravaganza Consort, Diletto, Harmonia Sacra, Consortium  Sedinum, Trondheim Barokk, Concerto de Bassus, Musica Aeterna Bratislava, Musica  Florea  Praha, Il Giardino D’Amore, Capella di Ospedale Della Pieta Venezia.
As an orchestral musician, Tomasz has played in Cracow Philharmonic, Beethoveen Academy Orchestra, and Sinfonietta Cracovia performing with great condutors: J. Maksymiuk, J. Krenz, K. Kord, J. Kaspszyk, T. Strugała, G. Chmura, A. Wit,  G. Nowak, W. Michniewski, T. Wojciechowski, W. Rajski, M. Pijarowski, M.J. Błaszczyk, S. Krawczyński, M. Dworzyński, M. Nesterowicz, H. Rilling,  A. Parrott, P. McCreesh,  P. Goodwin, Ch. Rousset, V. Dumestre, A. Spering, P. Esswood, F. Bonizzoni, M. Gester,  A. Moccia, F. Hauk, H. Max, Ch. Eschenbach,  J. N. Axelrod, K. Zehnder, M. Valdes, L. Wicki, M. Caldi, V. Ponkin, M. Zilm, P. D. Ponelle,  Ch. O. Munroe, E. G. Jensen , E.Pidò.
Tomasz Sobaniec has also premiered numerous compositions dedicated to himself by: M. Mengjiqi, D. Eddleman, N. Housni,   H. Ayanbod, K. Kruk, J. Płonka and P. Sarnecki. Among most important premieres one can find pieces by famous Polish composers:  K. Moszumańska-Nazar, K. Penderecki, M. Stachowski, B. Schaeffer, K. Meyer, Z. Bujarski,  A. Kaczyński, H. J. Botor, M. Jabłoński, Sz. Tesarowicz, A. Dudzińska, M. Pomianowska and composers from other countries: N. van De Vate, K. Lamont, K. Y. Chin. He also participated in premiere recordings of compositions by: K. Moszumańska-Nazar, K. Penderecki, A. Walaciński, Ł. Farcinkiewicz, B. Hobson, T. Bräm, H.G.F. Pflüger, J. Bartley, S. Kmotorka, B. Frost & D. Bjarnason, G. Donizetti, A. Benda, A. Melani.
Tomasz Sobaniec toured at most of European countries and USA, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan. In 2000 he performer alongside with world known cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Maria Pomianowska and Michał Kulenty at Silk Road project during Asian Culture Festiwal in Niigata (Japan).
In 2017 he was nominated twice to Fryderyk prize for recordings by O. A. Ivanschiz – {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna and in 2020 for M. Gomółka – Opera Omnia vols 3&4 – Polish Radio Choir. He took part in album recordings for many recording studios such as: Polskie Radio, DUX, Musicon, CD Accord, Dalmafon, MTJ, Angelus Silesius, Channel Classics, Naxos, Vienna Modern Masters, Arion, Enchiriadis, Cadenza, Avi-music, Bedroom Community,  Ëvoe Records, Equinox Music, IMC Music Publisher and SACEM.
Since 1995 Tomasz Sobaniec works in Academy of Music in Cracow at Contemporary Music, Jazz and percussion department. In 2011 his thesis “Percussion – a characteristic trait  in the music of Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar” was published by his alma mater. He was also a lecturer at International Percussion Master Courses „Cross Drumming nad Nilem” in Kolbuszowa (2012, 2013), Summer Arts Manufacture (Letnia Manufaktura Sztuki) – Niepołomice (2017) and Percussion Seminars organised by Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (2014, 2017). He was also a jury at percussion competitions and regional percussion auditions by Centre of Artistic Education (Poland CEA). Due to his academic profile he was a reviewer of doctoral and habilitation thesis in percussion and jazz percussion.
Mr. Sobaniec is highly engaged in many social activities connected with cultural field. In 2013 he foundered and became a member of Małopolska Manufaktura Sztuki Association. Moreover, he takes part in organising the cycle BRIDGES (MOSTY), hich takes place every year at the Academy of Music in Cracow. This year he became an artistic director of Hebdów Arts Encounters.
For his artistic and didactic achievements he was awarded with a KEN medal (National Education Comitee Award) Honoris Gratia (President of Cracow City) and Academy of Music in Cracow Rector award.
In 2020 Tomasz Sobaniec  received the title of Professor of Musical Arts.
Artist plays Polish marimba by MIDO, Swiss cymbals and gongs by PAISTE and uses American sticks and mallets by Pro·Mark.