Department of Piano

History and Activity

Until 1974 there was one Department of Piano, led by Prof. Jan Hoffman. In 1974 the second Piano Department was founded, led by Prof. Ludwik Stefański until 1982. In the years 1982-2011 the Head of the Department of Piano was Prof. Ewa Bukojemska, ancient student of Prof. L. Stefański. Since 2011 the Head of the Department is Prof. Andrzej Pikul.
Majority of the faculty members pursues concert activity, becomes jury members in the national and international competitions, consultants at the primary and secondary schools, organizes and conducts masterclasses (i.e. in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico).

In 2011 Pianists Research Group was founded.

Department’s activity covers:
– Tadeusz Żmudziński’s Academy Competition (since 1992)
– Summer concerts in Florianka Hall (since 2000)
– Masterclasses conducted by Paul Badura-Skoda, Kevin Kenner, Eugene Indjic, Madeleine Forte, Joanna McGregor, Nancy Lee Harper
– Conferences for primary and secondary schools’ teachers
– Students’ concerts