dr Marek Wolak

fot. Barbara Kańska-Bielak

Marek Wolak started playing the organs in the Music Secondary School in Mr. Jacek Kulig’s class and then he studied at the Musical Academy in Cracow in Professor Jan Jargoń’s class (first class honours in 1988).
During his study he spent a year on the scholarship in Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Essen where he worked under the guidance of Professor Gisbert Schneider. He has taken part in numerous master courses in Poland and abroad (among othersin Mechelen, Zürich, Essen).
He has given concerts in Poland, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and USA.
In 1994 he obtained a doctorate (specialization: organ playing).
He runs concert and pedagogical activity at the Institute of Religious Music and Archidiocesenal Music School.