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Tomasz Kudyk – jazz trumpet

photo – private archive

Trumpeter, composer, graduale of the Music Academy in Kraków. Jazz has become his passion already in high school, surely under the influence of his father Jan Kudyk ( the leader of Jazz Band Ball Orchestra ). He gained experience from what he studied at home, as well as from the participation in jazz workshops and contact with the music ambience. In 1996 he founded, along with his friends, a quintet New Bone with which he recorded five albums among three author’s: “Something for now” – 2004 , “It’s not easy” – 2009, “Destined” – 2012, “Follow me” – 2014 and album “Odjazzdowo” which was published in January 2015.
Tomasz Kudyk is the author of the most compositions performed by the band. Until now he had a possibility to collaborate witch such musicians as: Janusz Muniak, Maciej Sikała, Jarek Śmietana, Wojciech Karolak, Piotr Baron, Arek Skolik, Joachim Mencel, Jan Pilch, Marek Stryszowski, Leszel Kułakowski, Adam Pierończyk. In 2011 he gained the title of Ph.D. in music arts in the instrumental studies discipline. He gained his doctoral habilitation in 2015 at the Music Academy in Kraków. Currently he works as an adjunct at the Faculty of Modern Music, Jazz and Percussion at the Music Academy in Kraków.