For whom:

  • for those who want to play music and constantly discover its beauty
  • for creative minds that generate crazy ideas
  • for individuals who demonstrate independent thinking
  • for the lovers of centuries-old musical traditions
  • for music visionaries

You will learn to:

  • look deeper into your soul and explore what is there
  • make better use of all the secret tools from the instrumental “toolkit”
  • create your own artistic projects
  • cooperate with other performers in various ensembles, from chamber to orchestral ones
  • cooperate with other artists and institutions

After completing the programme, you can:

  • live as a free artist in any part of the world
  • perform classical and experimental, solo and chamber music
  • benefit from creative scholarships, artistic residencies
  • win competitions for instrumentalists and develop your career
  • work in cultural institutions
  • teach at schools of all levels of art education
  • teach at a higher education institution
  • teach and encourage young people to be open to modern approach, experimentation, discovering new musical territories
  • invent and carry out your own artistic projects, performances, organise festivals