1946 – 1979

1946 – 1952
First Rector – Professor Zbigniew Drzewiecki, eminent pianist
Development of the school and the formation of its present structure.

• Initially the classes took place at 8 and 9 Basztowa street. Then the school moved to a building at 24 Warszawska street (1948), while three years later– to a building at Starowiślna street [then Bohaterów Stalingradu street] – 1951.
• Four faculties: I (composition, theory and conducting), II instrumental, III vocal, IV pedagogical.
• Due to the efforts of Włodzimierz Kaczmar, an opera section was formed at the Vocal Faculty.

1952 – 1955
Rector – Prof. Dr Stefania Łobaczewska, eminent musicologist

• Development of the opera section. Opera stagings: fragments of the Haunted Manor,Rigoletto, Faust, Halka as well as of the entire Traviata and Eugene Onegin.
• The Ministry of Culture and Art issued a directive introducing a three-year study combined with a state scholarship that enabled gifted students further artistic development. (1952)
• The Student Research Group of the School organized a national assembly of student research groups combined with a session devoted to the issue of music popularization. (1955)

1955 – 1964
Rector – Prof. Bronisław Rutkowski, eminent organist, propagator of music

• Introduction of teamwork in the form of seven departments (including the Intercollegiate Organ Faculty of national scope).
• Formation of B section at the Pedagogical Faculty – for educating teachers in a part- time study system.
• Organization of meetings with musicians from abroad, such as: N. Boulanger, K. Regamey, A. Rubinstein, W. Małcużyński, L. Nono, V. Smetaček, J. Chailley, Ting Shan-te, P. Czuchna, I. Bełza, B. Latoszyński, N. Slonimsky and others.
• The School received newly restored Florianka Concert Hall at Basztowa street (1956); in 1959 the new organ was handed over (W. Biernacki, 30 voices).
• The Act of Parliament from 1962 gave the School full academic rights.
• Formation of the Music Acoustics Department. (1962)

1964 – 1966
Rector – Prof. Eugenia Umińska, eminent violinist

• Formation of the academic orchestra, conducted by Krzysztof Missona. (1965)
• Academic session devoted to social changes in the functions of music. (1965)
• Preparation of pedagogical publications to be published by Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne [PWM Edition].

Foundation of an annual festival Days of Organ Music in cooperation with the Cracow Philharmonic.

1966 – 1969
Rector – Prof. Jan Hoffman, distinguished pianist

• “Musical Evenings” – a concert cycle featuring students of The Academy.
• Artistic achievements of the academic choir, orchestra and soloists (the performance of Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony and of Mozart’s Requiem at the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw).
• Open lectures given by eminent representatives of various academic fields.

Formation of the Postgraduate Study in Music Editing under the supervision of Prof. M. Tomaszewski.

1969 – 1972
Rector – Prof. Józef Chwedczuk, distinguished organist

• Foundation of the Foreign Languages Study. (1970)
• Monthly concert cycles “Young Musicians’ Stage”. (1971)

• Academic session devoted to organ performance practice on the occasion of Prof. Chwedczuk’s anniversary. (1972)

1970 – 1983
Co-organization of the Jan Kiepura Vocal Contest.

1972 – 1987
Rector – Prof. Dr h.c. Krzysztof Penderecki, eminent composer

• The foundation of the Electroacoustic Music Studio. (1974)
• The foundation of the Department of Music Analysis and Interpretation. (1975)
• Co-organization of a festival “Young Musicians for the Young City” in Stalowa Wola. (1975-79)
• Organization of Musical Meetings in Baranów Sandomierski. (1976-81)