Outgoing students



1. REGISTER until 20 December 2022 – send the Registration Card to international@amuz.krakow.pl (details in the tab APPLY NOW)

2. Wait for the e-mail confirming your registration.

Remember that the Registration Card is an evidence of applying for the mobility (if you’re hesitating, it’s better to apply and resign, than to fill out and send the Card too late!). You don’t need to have the HEIs chosen at this stage.

HURRAY! THAT’S ALL! You’ve completed the first stage of the procedure.



  1. Look for information about the Higher Education Institution (HEI) = your Erasmus+ mobility destination and about courses available for Erasmus students – you will need it in January, on your qualifying interview
  2. Check UE websites http://erasmusplus.org.pl/ and https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/about_en.
  3. Check academic website https://www.amuz.krakow.pl/en/erasmus/ containing documents, list of partner institutions and other useful information.
  4. Choose THREE foreign HEIs you wish to apply to.
  5. Check websites of foreign Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Each institution is required to publish available courses, academic calendar and other useful information. If you wish to apply to HEI that is not on the list, tell it to your IRC on the qualifying interview.


  1. Read the e-mail informing about the date of the obligatory qualifiying interview in a foreign language (detalis will be sent later).
  2. Undergo an interview in foreign language. You will be asked for example to name your THREE CHOSEN HEIs.
  3. Reade the e-mail informing about the result of the interview.
    Recruitment conditions available here: https://www.amuz.krakow.pl/erasmus/dokumenty/.
  4. Positive result of the recruitment and geting the acceptance to go to the mobility do not guaranee that you will receive funding. The funding conditions are sent to the applicants later (at this stage Erasmus+ beneficiary earns the right to study abroad with the so-called “0” scholarship = without Erasmus+ funding).


STEP IV – ORGANIZATION MEETING (only for students qualified for the mobility)

  1. After a positive result of the interview, further instructions will be forwarded to you by the IRC.
  2. It is obligatory to participate in the meeting.
  3. It is compulsory to learn the requirements of the receiving institution, as every HEI has a separate applying system/procedures.
  4. During the meeting you will learn what will be the next steps, i.e.:
    – application for the acceptance for mobility to the Dean,
    – sending links with your work, showing your abilities,
    – filling out the LEARNING AGREEMENT and the internal cooperation about the studies curriculum
    – preparing additional documents required by the receiving institution

You will learn the details during the meeting!



  1. Check the requirements of foreign HEI – most institutions require on-line registration.
  2. General list of documents needed for the application (available here):
    study abroad permission document signed by your main subject’s teacher and the Vice-Dean of Faculty
    samples of possibilities: You Tube recordings, scientific documentation, sheet music of compositions, etc.
    Learning Agreement if required by foreign HEI
    Student Application
    cover letter
  3. After receiving official ACCEPTANCE LETTER from foreign HEI, please send it to the academic IRC.
    Confirm the dates of mobility according to the acceptance letter and information on the foreign HEI’s website. Your grant will be calculated (daily rate) according to that. Check the website for the EXACT dates of the semesters at the relevant foreign university and remember to inform the Erasmus+ coordinator about receiving our academic social scholarship at a moment of recruitment (interview). Students receiving social scholarship at the time of departure are entitled to receive additional grant. Details available in the Erasmus+ office.
  4. Provide Euro bank account and apply to the National Health Fund for European Health Insurance Card.
  5. One month before departure contact academic IRC, report all necessary documents (bank account number in EURO, SWIFT, name and address of the bank, proof of insurance) and sign the CONTRACT. Even if you are going to realize study mobility without Erasmus+ funding, signing the contract is a necessary condition. Around 14 days before departure, the first installment of the scholarship will be transferred to your account (usually 80% of the grant).


  1. Check the travel and accomodation possibilities early enough.
    – Book your trip in advance!
    – Check the conditions and opportunities of accommodation. Contact foreign institution’s IRC.
    Decide how you will organize YOUR TRAVEL. Check the rates of Erasmus+ grant and rules for travelling with standard or ecological means of transport on the erasmusplus website. Decide if you will choose standard or ecological means of transport (“green travel“). If you have any questions – contact the Erasmus office.
  2. Check your rights and obligations of the Erasmus+ Student https://www.amuz.krakow.pl/erasmus/dla-studentow-sms/studenci-wyjezdzajacy/.
  3. Complete mandatory on-line language test (OLS).




  1. Report immediately to your foreign institution’s IRC as well as your polish academic IRC with any changes to the previously agreed Learning Agreement. The changes to LA document should be send to our institution within one month
  2. Make sure that you report to both IRCs any problems that might occur during your SMS. Do not hesitate to report those problems immediately. Do not wait with that!

BEFORE leaving foreign HEI:

  • Obtain TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS document with the dates of studying that matches those in your financial contract (or additional confirmation document with those dates). If your studying period is shorter please contact the IRC. Without that it will not be possible to settle your scholarship



  1. Send the Transcript of Records and other evaluation documents to your academic IRC.
  2. Fill in Erasmus+ Beneficiary On-line Report.
  3. Contact your Dean’s office. Send the copy of Transcript of Records in order to evaluate study period abroad and receive ECTS.
  4. Complete mandatory final on-line language test (OLS).
  5. Only after meeting above conditions the rest of the grant will be providing.