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General information

Ordinance No. 1/2024 on the Rules of artistic internships

Artistic internships at AMKP are conducted in all faculties in compliance with the accepted internship programme:

  • at the Faculty of Composition, Interpretation and Music Education – internships in the areas of:
    – composition,
    – conducting,
    – theory of music;
  • at the Instrumental Faculty – internships in the areas of:
    – instrumental studies,
    -j azz and improvised music;
  • at the Faculty of Voice and Drama – internships in:
    – voice studies.

The detailed timetable for the artistic internships is determined by the dean in consultation with the intern’s artistic supervisor before the start of the semester, within the timetable for the academic year, in accordance with the following internship framework programme:

Subject Number of hours Type of activity Form of assessment
Main subject 60 per year or 30 per semester mandatory credit
European music classes 30 per year or 15 per semester optional credit
Polish language course 30 per year or 15 per semester optional credit