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The LENDING ROOM is located on the first floor of the academy building at Świętego Tomasza 43 in room 122. Current opening hours are available here .

The Lending Room provides sheet music and books stored in the Library’s closed stacks. Some sheet music and textbooks (listed below) are available without the need to order; other items must be ordered one day in advance. Sheet music for orchestras is available in the Reading Room and the Record Library:
  – for symphony and chamber orchestras – in the Reading Room,
  – for baroque and brass bands – in Record Library.

→ Contact the Lending Room

Who can use the Lending Room?

Students and employees of the Academy, as well as the Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University, can borrow materials outside the library after registering with the library.
 Archival and valuable materials can be used only on site.


How to borrow?

Books and sheet music should be ordered through the Main Catalogue or in person at the Lending Room. In addition, sheet music can be ordered through the Digital Sheet Music Card Catalogue, but there is no guarantee that the item ordered is available.

Remember that the Main Catalogue and the Digital Sheet Music Card Catalogue overlap only partially. If you are looking for sheet music, it is worth to check both of the above online catalogues or the traditional Sheet Music Catalogue available in the Lending Room.

Orders placed online by 8:00 am can be collected at the Lending Room on the same day. Otherwise, the order will be ready for collection on the next working day. The ordered item is waiting for collection for a week.

To collect the order, a library card must be presented – in the case of students and doctoral students, the library card is the current student or doctoral student ID card.



Returns must be made in person at the Lending Room.

Reference collections available in the Lending Room (without the need to order):

1) with pressmarks :
  – small scores (symbol: mp)
  – large scores (symbol: dp)
  – opera librettos (archive, for viewing only)

2) without specifying pressmarks:
– collections of songs by the most important Polish and foreign composers

  – collections of opera arias
  – collections of old Italian arias
  – vocal exercises (Concone, Vaccai)
  – piano sonatas by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
  – symphonies by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven (small scores)
  – Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven string quartets (small scores)
  – scores and piano reductions of Bach cantatas
  – works for keyboard instruments by Bach (WTK, Inventions for two and three parts, French Suites, English Suites, Partitas, Toccatas, Small Preludes, Small Pieces)
  – exercises in old clefs (Chorales and Motets by Bach)
  – Orgelwerke by Bach and Buxtehude (publ. Bärenreiter and Peters) and Liszt (Universal)
  – source editions of the Henle publishing house (various composers, mainly piano and chamber music)
  – Works = source editions of works, e.g. Chopin (National Edition), Monteverdi, Moniuszko, Mozart, Paderewski, Szymanowski and C.P.E. Bach
  – jazz music (solo instruments)
  – the most popular textbooks on the history of music, musical forms, harmony, counterpoint, acoustics, instrumentation and ear training
  – copies of the “Res Facta” magazine

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In exceptional, justified situations, the Library scans fragments of books or sheet music and sends them by e-mail. To do this, send an e-mail to the address and write SCAN in the title. The message should include bibliographic data of the ordered publication, i.e. author’s/compose’s name, publication title, pressmark, range of pages/chapters/parts.

We would like to announce that from the academic year 2022/2023 it will be possible to scan library materials in the Reading Room on your own.

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans allow students and employees of our Academy to use for research purposes those collections of national libraries that are not available in the AMKP Library or other libraries in the city. Also our Library makes its collections available in cooperation with other libraries in Poland through the interlibrary loans.

If you are interested, please prepare a bibliographic description of the item you are looking for and contact the librarian on duty in the Lending or Reading Room.

The order can be placed by e-mail: Please provide accurate bibliographic data of the item you are looking for, i.e. author, title, place and year of publication.

Borrowings from foreign libraries are carried out only at the request of the teachers of our Academy.

→ Contact interlibrary loan

New books and sheet music in the Lending Room


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