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Room booking instructions

Appendix to Decision No.1/2022 of the Vice-Rector for Education dated 7 February 2022

Instructions on Access to the Rooms at the Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow

  1. Room availability is visible to teachers, PhD students and other students through the NESOS system, and to scholarship scheme participants and administration personnel through a special link.
  2. Keys to the rooms are issued on the basis of reservations.
  3. Each room has a Coordinator, who is appointed in consultation with the Vice-Rector for Education.
  4. The list of room coordinators can be found in the NESOS system.
  5. The coordinator regulates the rules of access to the room in question, enters reservations and provides information on people who can reserve rooms on their own. The coordinator settles any disputes regarding access to the coordinated rooms. If a room has more than one coordinator, the final decision is made by the person listed in the Coordinator column.
  6. In the Room Coordinator List, the Availability column specifies the persons or groups who can take keys to the room without a reservation.
  7. In the Room Coordinator List, YES in the For Practical Classes column means that every student is allowed to get keys to the room in question.
  8. A list of names of the members of groups entered in the Availability column must be available to persons issuing keys.
  9. The following hierarchy applies as regards who has the right to access the rooms, in order from top to bottom:
    a) A teacher who has a room reservation,
    b) A teacher or member of the group listed in the Availability column,
    c) A student who has made a reservation,
    d) Any teacher,
    e) A student who does not have a reservation but is a member of the group listed in the Availability column,
    f) Every student – only when the room is available for practical classes (YES in the column For Practical Classes)
  10. If a teacher has to take a room previously reserved by a student, he/she should inform about it at least 3 hours before the reservation time.
  11. In the event that a previously reserved room can be made available (cancelled classes, etc.), the reservation information must be deleted as soon as possible.
  12. If a reserved room is not taken within 10 minutes, the reservation is cancelled and the room can be made available to others.
  13. Students may reserve (occupy) a room by themselves for two hours a day. After that time, it should be made available to the next person willing to use it – unless there are no subsequent reservations and nobody makes such a request.
  14. Cyclic room reservations may only be made by the coordinators.
  15. Reservations for classes may only be made until the start date of the examination period. During examination periods, entrance examinations and summer holidays, the reservations of rooms must be agreed with the Teaching Department.
  16. Persons who do not comply with the entries made or do not use the rooms they have reserved may have their access and reservation rights restricted or withdrawn.
  17. The list of coordinators and access to rooms is not permanent. Depending on the needs, both availability and reservation rights may change.
  18. Requests for granting/modifying reservation rights should be sent by the room coordinator to: