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Room booking instructions

Annex to Decision No. 2/2022 of the Vice-Rector for Education of September 30, 2022 r. 

Instructions for use of rooms at the AMKP

1. The availability of AMKP rooms is visible to teachers, doctoral students and students through the Room Reservation Calendar.

2. Keys to the rooms are issued on the basis of an entry in the Room Reservation Calendar.

3. The rooms are assigned to specific Departments – with the exception of the following rooms: Concert, Chamber, Florianka and Senate.

4. A group of rooms assigned to a department has a Coordinator, who is the Head of the Department or a person appointed by him in consultation with the Vice-Rector for Education.

5. The list of room coordinators is available in the NESOS system and at:

6. The coordinator regulates the rules of access to the room, introduces reservations and reports people who can reserve rooms on their own. The coordinator settles any disputes regarding access to coordinated rooms.

7. In matters related to booking rooms, the Coordinator is responsible to the Teaching Department, and the latter to the Vice-Rector for Education.

8. Teachers can book and cancel a room reservation through the Coordinator or on their own, provided they have been given such permissions.

9. Students can book and cancel the room reservation on their own, and if they do not have the right to the selected room – through the Coordinator.
10. There are four categories of room availability for students.
a) exercise rooms – available to all students,
b) rooms assigned to the department (specialty) of a given student, in accordance with the decision of the coordinator,
c) rooms made available to a selected student, in accordance with the coordinator’s decision (in exceptional cases),
d) rooms not available to students.

11. A teacher may change the booking of another teacher and student only with their consent.

12. A student may change another student’s booking only with his/her consent.

13. If the teacher has to use the room previously booked by the student, he/she should inform about it no later than 3 hours before the booking time.

14. In the event that a previously booked room can be made available (cancelled classes, etc.), information about the reservation should be removed as soon as possible in person, through the Coordinator, through the Teaching Department or persons issuing keys.

15. If the booked room is not collected within 15 minutes, the reservation is cancelled and the room can be made available to other people.

16. If a student or a teacher wants to collect the keys to a room for which he/she is not authorized and it is not possible to contact the coordinator, the reservation entry is made by the persons issuing the keys, but only to the rooms to which they are authorized. Only after making such an entry, the key can be issued.

17. Students may independently book (occupy) a room for two hours a day, with a maximum of one break. After this time, the rooms should be made available to another willing person – unless there are no following reservations and no one reports such a need.

18. Recurring room reservations may only be made by coordinators.

19. All-day reservations are treated as temporary and require exact hours, three weeks before the reservation date at the latest.

20. Reservations for didactic classes may be made only until the beginning of the examination session. During sessions, entrance exams and holidays, room bookings must be agreed with the Teaching Department.

21. Persons who do not comply with the provisions or do not use the reserved rooms may have limited or revoked access and reservation rights.

22. The list of coordinators and access to the rooms is not permanent. Room availability and booking permissions may change as needed.

23. All entries in the Room Reservation Calendar are recorded.

24. Requests for granting/changing reservation authorizations are sent by the room coordinator to the following address:

Vice-Rector for Education
prof. dr hab. Jan Jazownik