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You’re welcome to the AMKP Library!

Check how to use the resources of our Library – step by step:


Using the collections on site

Everyone can use the Library’s collections on site, without having to register. When you come, ask the librarian on duty for the instructions.


Lending books, sheet music, audiovisual materials

Step I – register → Step II – search → Step III – order
Step IV –
collect → Step V – use / renew → Step VI – return

To borrow materials from the Library, you must first register . Only members of the AMKP community (students, doctoral students, employees) and the Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University can register.

You can register in the Lending Room (rm 122, first floor of the AMKP building at Świętego Tomasza 43). You will need an identity document – for students and doctoral students it must be a student or doctoral student ID card.

Library membership card


  • Please fill out the Library Membership Card that you will receive on site.
  • Enter the address of residence as provided in the Faculty Office.
  • Confirm that you have read and understood the Personal data processing notice.
  • On the basis of the registration card, the librarian will set up a traditional and electronic account for you.

There are several ways to search for the materials you are interested in:

  1. online catalogues:
  • Main Catalogue – includes all books and part of music and audiovisual collections
  • Digital Sheet Music Card Catalogue – includes part of the sheet music collection
    NOTE: The Main Catalog and the Digital Sheet Music Card Catalogue overlap only partially. Therefore, when looking for sheet music, it is worth to check both catalogues.
  • Diploma theses catalogue
  1. card catalogues, located in the Lending Room, Reading Room and Record Library.

NOTE: The Main Catalogue and Record Library Card Catalogue overlap only partially, so if a particular recording is not listed in the Main Catalog, search in the card catalogue or ask about a given recording by e-mail ( .

If the book, sheet music or magazine you are looking for is not available in our Library or in any other library in Krakow, you can use another national library by submitting an the INTERLIBRARY LOAN request.


The selected item can be ordered online or in person.

  • BOOKS – order online through the Main Catalogue
  • NOTES – order online (through the Main Catalogue or the Digital Sheet Music Card Catalogue) or in person – in the Lending Room, using a traditional card catalogue.
  • AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS – order remotely, through the Main Catalogue or in person – at the Record Library, using the traditional card catalog
  • DIPLOMA THESES (MA and doctoral) – order in person in the Lending Room or by sending an e-mail to the address In the title of the message, enter the ORDER OF A DIPLOMA THESIS, and in the content its bibliographic data: author’s name, title, reference number. The diploma theses can only be used on site – in the Reading Room.

NOTE: Some items, so-called reference collections are available without the need to order in advance.


You can collect the books and sheet musicin the Lending Room, except for the orchestral materials: sheet music for symphony and chamber orchestras is available in the Reading Room, for wind and baroque orchestras – in the Record Library.

You can collect the audiovisual materialsin the Record Library.

Sheet music and books ordered online on a working day until 8:00 am, can be collected on the same day, other orders cannot be collected before the next working day. Materials not collected within 7 working days are returned to the library stacks.
In most cases audiovisual materials are ready to collect on the same day.

When collecting the order, a library card must be presented (for students and doctoral students, it is a student or doctoral student ID card).

The proof of the borrowing is a call slip .

The call slips for books will be printed automatically in the Lending Room. All you have to do is sign it when picking up the ordered position.

The call slips for sheet music and recordings are available on site and you should fill it in yourself after receiving the ordered position.

  • When filling out the call slips for sheet music or recordings, carefully copy the pressmark from the borrowed position. Don’t forget about additional symbols, e.g.: m.p., d.p., CD, K.
  • Remember to fill in the required fields in both columns. 
Sample call slip for sheet music or recording
Step V – USE / RENEW

The loan period for books and sheet music is 5 months. However, after this time books and sheet music may be renewed.

The loan period for recordings is 2 weeks – for students and doctoral students, and 1 month for teachers. In the Record Library, it is the librarian on duty who decides on the possibility of renewal.

NOTE: You can renew the positions visible on your electronic account in the Main Catalogue yourself, the rest can be renewed by the librarian on duty.


If you no longer use the borrowed items, please return them as soon as possible .

You should return books and sheet music in person in the Lending Room, and audiovisual materials – in the Record Library.

If you lose a book or sheet music, or if a borrowed copy gets damaged, first contact the Library as soon as possible, do not try to fix it on your own.