dr hab. Ryszard Krawczuk

Krawczuk Ryszard

After graduated Music Academy in Katowice, established his own band – Still Another Sextet – which won in 1984 the first prizes at Jazz Juniors Festival in Cracow and Jazz Festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech Rep.). In late 80’s, played in several polish big bands (Gorny Orchestra, Alex Band,Big Warsaw Band , Milan Swoboda Polish-Czech Big-band, W.Groborz Big-band, Jaszczury Big-band, Ellington Cracow Orchestra, Shakin’Dudi Orchestra). Also cooperated with Zbigniew Lewandowski Septet and joined the smooth jazz Mr. Bobers Friends in 1990. In 1993 founded Funk de Nite and later OH Group – contemporary jazz rock bands. Since 2005 co-leader of electric jazz band- Eastcom.Since 2006 leader of Big Band Malopolski.

Took part at many international jazz festivals: Krakow’s Summer Jazz Festival , Jazz Jamboree, Jazz nad Odrą, Lotos Jazz Festival, Pilsner Urquel Jazz Festival, Leverkusen Jazz Tage, Lepziger Jazz Tage,Villette Jazz Festival, Jazz Rally, Liburnia Jazz Festival, Kaunas Jazz Festival.

Working with many domestic jazz and pop musicians: Michał Urbaniak,Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski,Jarosław Śmietana,Marek Bałata,Lora Szafran, Kuba Badach,Krystyna Prońko,Stanisław Sojka… as well as international: Saskia Laroo,Bryan Corbett, Rosario Giuliani, Guy Bilong, MC Stewlocks, Chris Titz, Pavel Ryba,Warren Byrd…

Jazz sax educator at the Krakow Academy of Music as well as Krakow School Of Jazz.

Since 2012 is an official endorser of P.Mauriat Saxophones.