Wiktor Barabasz 1921-1928

Wiktor BARABASZ (1921-1928)b Bochnia 30 August 1855, d Kraków 25 July 1928
Director of the Conservatory of the Kraków Music Society (1921-28)
Conductor, pianist and teacher

Since about 1868 he took lessons at the Kraków Music Society School “Muza” with A. Płachecki and K. Hofman. Then he studied in Vienna with J. Dachs (piano) and F. Krenn (theory). After returning to Kraków, he became a piano teacher at the Music School of the reestablished (in 1876) Kraków Music Society (which from 1888 was turned into a Conservatory); he held the post to the end of his life. In 1878, he created the Academic Choir in Kraków, which he led until 1919. Twice (1886-1909 and 1918-21) he was the artistic director of the Music Society in Kraków; in 1888 he established an amateur symphonic orchestra, organized historical, monographic and ‘popular concerts’ for the poorer inhabitants of the city. He supported W. Żeleński in the conflicts between the Conservatory and the board of the Music Society. After Żeleński’s death (1921), he took over the directorship of the Conservatory, resigning from his function at the Society. He recovered for the institution the establishment in the Teatr Stary (converted during the war into a military hospital). He appointed many new teachers, drew up new rules of the Conservatory and improved its finances. Barabasz planned a deep reform of the institution, however he did not manage to carry it out.
During the directorship of Barabasz the number of students at the Conservatory exceeded 600.

Maciej Negrey