Marek Stachowski 2002-2004

Marek STACHOWSKI (1993-1999)b Piekary Śląskie 21 March 1936, d Kraków 3 December 2004

Rector of the AM (1993-99, 2002-04)
Composer and teacher

In the years 1963-68 studied composition with K. Penderecki as well as music theory at the PWSM in Kraków, from which he graduated with honours. The oeuvre of M. Stachowski covers orchestral works (Irisation 1970; Musique solennelle 1973; Poeme sonore 1975;Divertimento for string orchestra 1978; Choreia 1981; Capriccio 1983; Cello Concerto1988; cycle From the Book of the Night (I 1990; II and III 2000); Sonata Per Archi for string orchestra 1992; Sinfonietta 1998; Viola Concerto 1998; Recitativo e la preghiera for cello and string orchestra 1999), numerous chamber works (including 4 string quartets ) and vocal-instrumental works (including Five Senses and a Rose for mezzo soprano, flute, xylorimba, trombone and harp 1964; Neusis II for mixed choir and orchestra 1968; Birdsfor soprano and four instruments 1976; Saphic Odes for mezzo soprano and orchestra 1985.

Among those who graduated from M. Stachowski composition class were M. Chyrzyński, M. Jabłoński, M. Pawełek, K. Pyzik, S. Tesarowicz, W. Widłak, W. Z. Zych. During the first two tenures of Prof. Stachowski, many events significant for the Academy took place. The first doctorate honoris causa in the history of the Academy was conferred upon K. Penderecki (1994) and then upon P. Sacher (1997), 1st International Beethoven Symposium (during the 1st Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, 1997) was organized, the Academy entered the European Sokrates / Erasmus programme (signing first bilateral contracts with Western universities in 1998), the International Symposium The Music of Krzysztof Penderecki in the Context of 20th Century Theatre was organized (1998), there also took place the first European performance of Credo by Krzysztof Penderecki during the Krzysztof Penderecki Festival in Kraków (5 October 1998), prepared by the orchestras and choirs of the International Bach Academy and of the Academy of Music in Kraków under Helmuth Rilling.

During the years of M. Stachowski’s last tenure there took place an International Academic Session entitled Contemporary National Schools, Finland – Switzerland – Ukraine (2002), the ceremony of conferring a doctorate honoris causa upon Prof. H. Rilling (2003), as well as merging of the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory with the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music and the creation of new Faculty of Musical Composition, Performance, Analysis and Education (2004). In the same year, an International Symposium Beethoven: Inspirations, Contexts, Resonance was organized (8th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival) and the 2nd International Percussion Festival Sources and Inspirations took place.

Due to his open attitude towards new initiatives, Stachowski significantly contributed to the rising number of concerts organized by the student community.

In recognition of his works and of his thorough cultural activity he was honoured with the prize of A. Jurzykowski New York Foundation (1990), the City of Kraków Prize (1979), four times with the Prize of the Minister of Culture and Art (1989 for works for children, 1996, 1999, 2000), Ruth and Ray Robinson Foundation Excellence in Teaching Prize(….), Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (…).

Maciej Jabłoński