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List otwarty Rektora do społeczności Akademii Muzycznej w Krakowie

Dear Students, Doctoral Students, Members of Teaching Faculty and Administration Staff!

As a response to the threat linked to the SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak, I have made a difficult decision to suspend all classes, planned concerts and conferences happening in our Academy, until 15th April 2020. I have also reduced the work of the administrative staff to the necessary minimum that will enable fulfilling the essential obligations. I hope that this will protect all of us from the danger brought about by the pandemic spreading all over the country. I trust you will understand and accept this decision and see it as a necessary precaution to protect our health and life.

I hope that all of you, in this difficult time, will behave responsibly, staying at your homes. It is necessary, and I ask you for that wholeheartedly, to reduce to minimum your social life – meeting your friends, social gatherings, public meetings etc. They create a dangerous environment exposed to the virus spread.

Dear Students and Doctoral Students, please use this time for practising, composing, listening to music, and researching whatever is available. You can devote your time to art in a new reality, developing your talents and focusing on important matters, that are sometimes overlooked in usual, everyday activities. Be supportive and helpful towards each other – sometimes even a virtual helping hand can do a lot of good.

Dear Members of Teaching Faculty, try to be in a phone or mail contact with your students. You are their Mentors and Masters. Your standing and your help can provide a crucial support in this difficult time. Please, try – as far as it is possible – to offer distance consultations, so that the time within our enforced break was not entirely lost.

I ask all of you – as a measure of protection from the pandemic – please, wash your hands frequently, it is an important precaution from viral infections; take care of your diet and sleep, as strong organisms are better prepared to fight the disease.

            In case of any administrative needs, please call (+48 12 4223250) or mail ( – we will respond as soon as possible. I ask all of you to check regularly your emails and the website of the Academy of Music ( – you will find there current information on the activities of the Academy. In difficult situations, please, contact us immediately – we will do whatever is possible to help you.

Our Academy remains your home, the place where you will always find your committed and helpful friends. I trust that soon we will see each other again – I am waiting for you.

With all best wishes of health and good mood – thanks to music,

Your Rector