photo by Piotr Markowski

Dear Teachers, Students, PhD Students, Staff Members!

We are closing the first stage of launching the academic year in the conditions of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. Thank you to everyone for the sanitary discipline (protective masks, hand hygiene, keeping distance, safe movement around the Academy space). Your behavior is a proof of responsibility and mutual concern. It is also an additional protection against the spread of the virus.

Special thanks are due to those responsible for the organization of our teaching process – Deans, Vice-Deans and Departments’ Directors. We thank the Teachers for their conscientiousness and creativity. Staff Members – for adapting to conditions and being on duty. Students – for their forbearence and following the rules.

Our priority is to maintain the Academy’s functioning, with an emphasis on live individual teaching, group teaching in a hybrid variant and collective classes on-line. We are monitoring the situation so that we can soon be able to make the right decision regarding the functioning of the orchestras from November 2020We must take into account the growing number of infected or quarantined members of our community, so it is important to limit personal contacts to the necessary minimum.

In these unpredictable circumstances, let’s stay focused on our main goals, remain disciplined and forbearing. Let’s protect ourselves against the increasing risk of infection. Let’s support each other!


Wojciech Widłak
AMK Rector
with Vice-Rectors