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Contemporary Kraków is an important cultural center of a centuries-long tradition and a place of activity for generations of distinguished artists. Kraków composers’ output belongs to the most significant phenomenons of Polish culture in the 20th and 21st centuries and at the same time bears the features of a formation called KRAKÓW COMPOSERS’ SCHOOL.

The Music Academy in Kraków, with its 120-years history, dating from the foundation of the CONSERVATORY OF THE MUSIC SOCIETY IN KRAKÓW by Władysław Żeleński, plays an essential role in the shaping of the artistic face of that composers’ group.

In the output of Kraków composers we find tradition as well as avant-garde, different genres and styles, universal and national values, mastery of technique and profoundness of message.
The KRAKÓW COMPOSERS SCHOOL was created by eminent professors of the Music Academy: Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar, Adam Walaciński, Bogusław Schaeffer, Zbigniew Bujarski, Krzysztof Penderecki, Marek Stachowski, and Krzysztof Meyer. It was built on the foundation of legacy of their predecessors – professors: Stanisław Wiechowicz and Artur Malawski. Great work of that composers’ group is cultivated today in the Music Academy as well as it is continued in the artistic and pedagogical activity of their alumni – the medium and the youngest generation of Kraków composers. Richness and significance of those artists’ accomplishment requires serious documentation, reflection, and interpretation activities; it can be taken also as a starting point of a research on the whole phenomenon in the historical approach.

The Music Academy in Kraków has significant achievements in that area. They consist of: collective analytical works, monographs and catalogues of composers’ works, as well as CD’s containing recordings of works of a few composers’ generations, and archival recordings of the concerts organized by the Music Academy.

In recent years edition of scores was also initiated.

That output, as well as the existing creative and research potential of the musical environment in Kraków, gives an excellent basis to bring into being a professional unit in the Music Academy called: the DOCUMENTATION CENTER OF THE KRAKÓW COMPOSERS’ OUTPUT.

Main purposes and assignments

The main purpose and assignment of the DOCUMENTATION CENTER is to preserve and promote the common cultural property, which is the work of composers associated with Kraków permanently as well as temporarily.

Execution of project will cover the following activities:
• obtaining source materials, manuscripts, garnering of collections;
• creating a database and extracting materials thematically connected to the CENTER’S activity from the • existing Main Library and Record Library collection;
• inspiring and conducting research and documentation projects;
• promoting the output and the lifetime achievement of the Kraków composers:
– conferences and symposiums
– concerts
– archival and CD recordings
– editing (scores, recordings, books, analyses)
– exhibitions
• collaboration with the research and cultural institutes as well as with the creative associations in Poland and abroad;
• information management

Organisational structure

The CENTER, due to its premises on basis of merit covering research, documentary and promotional activities, comes into being as an Inter-faculty Unit employing academics from all the Faculties, above all from the Music Analysis and Interpretation Unit, Composition Department, and the Main Library. Academics, scholars as well as doctoral and master students of all the Faculties will cooperate with the CENTER within the framework of carrying out different projects. Additionally a Library employee will be appointed to cooperate with the CENTER.

Research program and the organizational schedule of the CENTER activity will be determined by the Program Committee composed of: the Rector of the Music Academy, representatives of Faculties, as well as the members of the musical environment invited to collaboration.
The head of the CENTER will be appointed by the rector of the Music Academy; at the first stage the organizational work will be coordinated by the heads of the Music Analysis and Interpretation Unit and Composition Department, with the help of the Program Committee’s secretary.

Planned members of the Program Committee include (among the faculty of the Music Academy):
E. Czachorowska-Zygor, K. Droba, M. Jabłoński, M. Janicka–Słysz, A. Korzeniowski, S. Krawczyński, T. Malecka, J. Pilch, J. Romańska-Werner, M. Seremet, E. Siemdaj, M. Tomaszewski, W. Widłak, and A. Zawadzka-Gołosz.


On September 30, 2009 the Senate acceded to the claim of Rector Prof. Stanisław Krawczyński to appoint the head of the DOCUMENTATION CENTER Prof. Dr Teresa Malecka from the Music Academy.