Rules of access to the resources of the Library

Appendix to Decision 2/2020 of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs of 29/09/2020

Rules of access to the resources of the Library of The Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow in the year 2020/21

In the year 2020/21, the Library of The Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow makes its resources available for borrowing directly and remotely.




  1. When using the Library (Lending Room, Reading Room, Audio Library and photocopying facility), all users must comply with the sanitary safety rules laid down in Rector’s Regulation 26/2020 of 17/09/2020 (hand disinfection, wearing masks, social distancing, ban on bringing in outerwear, etc.).
  2. Only 1 person at a time is allowed into the Lending Room and the main room of the Audio Library. The remaining persons should wait for their turn outside, keeping safe social distance (if such a situation takes place).
  3. The maximum number of persons allowed at a time into the Reading Room and the Audio Library auditorium is 5. Upon entry, users must put on gloves (available on site), and dispose of them when leaving.
  4. Readers fill in call slips and other documents using their own pens exclusively.
  5. Entries to the Book of users at the Reading Room and the Audio Library are made only by the staff on duty.
  6. Card catalogues may be used exclusively by the Library staff.
  7. Staff on duty is responsible for keeping the equipment in a condition that ensures sanitary safety.
  8. No books, scores or records may be disinfected with any disinfectants. All materials made available to users are subject to a quarantine of at least 5 days.
  9. In case of any questions or doubts, contact the Library or the Audio Library at or In your e-mail heading, please write: QUESTION.



1. Remote access

The library offers a service involving scanning fragments of publications and sending them by email. To use this service, please send a message to and write SCAN in the message heading. The message must specify the bibliographic details of the publication, i.e. the name of the author/composer, publication/work title, library reference number, numbers of pages/chapters/parts. Additionally, you must specify why the material is needed.

2. In-person lending

Lending room

To use the lending service, a user is required to order the books or scores exclusively online (using the electronic catalogues), and subsequently collect the order from the Library on a designated day (specified in an e-mail).

Books must be ordered from the Main Catalogue directly, after logging in.

Scores may be ordered:
– directly via the Electronic Scores Catalogue by clicking “order this item”
– indirectly:. after identifying the item in the Main Catalogue, by sending an email to; the message must be entitled ORDER and specify the bibliographic data of the publication: name of the author, title of the work, library reference number – preferably several of them, if more copies are available.

Audio Library

To borrow records, search the Main Catalogue first, and then send an e-mail with your order. If the title you are looking for is not listed in the Main Catalogue, send an inquiry by e-mail.

Orders and inquiries should be sent to  The e-mail should be entitled ORDER and its content should specify the name of the composer, the title of the work, the performer (if necessary) and the library reference number (if the record has been found in the Main Catalogue).



 Borrowed materials may be returned:
– in person to the Lending Room or the Audio Library, upon making a prior appointment by email (message entitled RETURN sent to the relevant e-mail: or
– by mailing the materials at user’s own cost and responsibility to the address of The Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow, with the following note on the envelope: “Biblioteka”.
All materials returned to the library are subject to a quarantine of at least 5 days – in this period they are not available for lending.



The Academy’s  library provides the entire academic community with access to licensed electronic sources. They include:
JSTOR (papers from journals in the field of music),
– Oxford Music Online,
– Naxos Music Library (records)
Persons interested in electronic resources should send a message entitled ONLNE ACCESS to to receive relevant instructions.



 All new readers must sign up to use the library services. To sign up, go to the Lending Room with your students’ card or your PhD candidate’s card.

Photocopying facility
The photocopying facility makes photocopies of library materials or internal materials of the Academy exclusively.