This is to inform you that commencing from the 19th October the Academy of Music Library continues its operations based on principles in force since the 1st October 2020.
The opening hours have changed: the library is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m till 2.00 p.m.
The photocopying room opening hours are: 9.00 a.m. To 2.00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
During opening hours the visitors are free to:

  • enroll in the library (student ID is necessary);
  • borrow and return books and scores,
  • use the Reading Room and the Sound Library

Let us remind you that it is necessary to make an appointment in advance:
by telephone (Tel.No. : 12 422 30 37)
or via electronic mail at the following e-mail address:

At the same time we would like to inform you that the preferred form of making our collections available to the public is photocopying and sending scans of scores, magazine articles and chapters of books to the library members. (This option allows readers to avoid visiting the library in person).
Due to reasons connected with the pandemic we encourage library members to access sources available on the Internet such as: JSTOR (articles published by foreign music magazines), Oxford Music Online (music encyclopaedias, including Grove Music Online), as well as NAXOS (recordings). Access to the aforementioned sources is available not only on the Academy of Music premises but also from your home devices. Any information regarding access to these sources from home shall be provided after you send your enquiry to the following e-mail address:

You are welcome to use our services!